Columbia College Chicago: Pougialis Award Exhibition


The Swimming Bones Project (hand-bound book and film, 2016) is a multi-media, interactive series that intends to bring new awareness to an individual’s body. Through visuals, text, and film, this work challenges the audience to feel another dimension of capabilities in the shell they live in. Bringing elements of visual fine art to the muscles, bones, and organs; line, form, space, value, and texture are felt within one’s self in order to question the use and function of the most accessible and average medium—the human body. Movement of the body is often immediately synthesized into relatable meanings or emotions upon viewing. This work intends to alter the nature of the audience to instead firstly view the body in terms of elements of visual art, then, to make sense of those elements, placing space for analysis between seeing and interpreting.

Introspectively, the Swimming Bones Project forces the audience to ponder and experience their own body with fresh perspectives. Congruently, Here, Here (molding paste and acrylic on canvas, 2017) looks to take that tangible feeling of form in the body and place it in front of you. Stripping down to the essentials of texture and form, these works use my own body as a lens for determining visual make up and tone.