sense is currently on display as apart of the Albert P. Weisman Exhibition at Arcade Gallery located @ 618 S Michigan Ave, 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60605


sense the book is available for purchase here or at ShopColumbia located at 619 S Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL.

sense is a two-part interdisciplinary project which encompasses two years worth of movement research investigating sensory imagery, from a visual arts perspective, within the body to gain a greater awareness of one’s self. Part one captures an improvisational exploration of texture, form, and tone within the body on camera. Visuals, sound, and movement comprise the culmination of what has been discovered thus far to create this short film. The second part is a book which displays these researched sensations through visuals from the film, drawings, text, and digital design to initiate the investigation further for the viewer. By seeing the research through film, viewers have a reference point for internalizing the experience for themselves by use of the book. Sense crosses many mediums working to instill a greater sense of self and physical realization of who we are as individuals, while questioning how we define and compartmentalize art.


All images by Riley Donavan and JT Klingenmeier.